Solar panel cleaning robot

Type2W / Japanese market, for ground-mounted solar panels

Even in Japan, where it rains a lot, there is a need for water-based cleaning, and the addition of a brush cleaning function with water flowing through a connected water hose has improved the ability to deal with dirt that was previously difficult to remove.

Can also be used for water-based cleaning

Type 2W is an improved cleaning robot developed on the basis of Type 2 to answer the domestic demand for cleaning with water. By combining split brush units, the Type2W can respond to special orders for different cleaning areas of 3 m, 4 m and 5 m. By dividing the unit, the length and weight of each unit is reduced and the product can be brought to the site and assembled on site. No initial construction work, such as laying rails, is required.

Unparalleled cleaning speed

Cleans at a speed of more than 2,160 m² (approx. 400 kW) per hour.

No initial installation costs required

Unlike installed cleaning systems, no initial installation work is required. Total initial costs are reduced and the system can be easily introduced.

Product specifications

Equipment size Robot length 3m : L:4300 x W:1000 x H:660mm
Robot length 4m : L:5200 x W:1000 x H:650mm
Robot length 5m : L:6100 x W:1000 x H:640mm
Array width Robot length3m : 2900 - 3300mm
Robot length 4m : 3800-4200mm
Robot length 5m : 4700-5100mm
※Robot tyres must be positioned above the panel.
Cleaning speed 2160 m2/hour (robot length 4m)
Operating tilt angle 5~30 degrees
Means of cleaning Rotary wet brush
Cleaning For Sand and dust
Operating temperature -10~45℃
Power Source Rechargeable Li-ion battery powered (removable, charging time 5 hours)
Weight Robot length 3 m: 70 kg or less (not including battery)
Robot length 4 m: 80 kg max.(not including battery)
Robot length 5 m: 90 kg max.(not including battery)