3D Laser Sensors

3D Laser Sensors

Conventional measuring methods in industrial applications, such as those used with presses bending steel plates, where shape measurement is required can typically only give PASS/FAIL results during the manufacturing process with variations in judgment by machine operators. So 100% inspections and numerical values are difficult to manage.
Using our 3D laser sensors, the shapes of objects can be accurately scanned and precisely measured without any physical contact. As the systems can be mounted on equipment such moulding presses, robots and jigs, they can be used to boost quality and for production line automation.

Measuring Objects with Lasers

The systems employ an optical light-sectioning method (triangulation using laser light and optical receptors) for quantitively measuring objects without any physical contact. Objects can be measured in “one shot”.

Customisation Options

The sensitivity of the system and range of measurement can be tailored for users specific requirements and as there are no moving parts, they are particularly suited to industrial/factory environments.

Ideal for a wide range of applications

The system can be used to measure the dimensions and relative locations and a wide range of objects such as cross-sections of tubes and half-pipes, objects with three faces or three-pillar construction, holes, angles, steps and gaps. The sensors can also be mounted on robots and jigs for use in a wide range of applications.