Tohru Miyake

CEO Director PhD (Engineering)

The dream for my future I wrote the primary school graduation album was to become a scientist. I have an endless interest in the natural phenomena around me and the mechanisms of machines and tools. It originates from my boyhood, when I would always wonder why? How? How do I do it? There were times when I was so curious about the structure of the wings of a washing machine and the flow of water that I tore it apart; when I couldn't help but notice that when I turned a bowl of miso soup, the ingredients inside did not turn with the bowl; when I looked through the window at a letterpress printing factory and was late for cram school when I went inside and was shown around.

Another intense interest was the changes in people's lives brought about by machines. With the invention of the bicycle, the distance we can travel in a day has increased by orders of magnitude, and this has been further multiplied by tens of times with the car. People all over the world have smartphones, and the way society works is changing dramatically. Machines have the power to transform society. My interest is not only in creating machines, but also in using machines to solve social problems and shift society towards a more interesting one.

For nine years at university, I conducted research on the mechanism and control of mobile robots. The appeal of robots is that they can generate more power than humans, they can work in confined spaces and high places where humans cannot go, and they can do enormously repetitive tasks that would tire a person both mentally and physically, silently and without error. However, we also felt that it would be difficult to put the robot to practical use simply by building and presenting a prototype in a university laboratory. I thought that the important thing was to first actually introduce the robot to the world and gradually gain the trust of society while further advancing the technology. I then founded MiraiKikai. I wanted to introduce truly valuable machines to the world that would be of use to people".

MiraiKikai is still a small organisation. It is precisely because we are small that the responsibility of each and every one of us in our work is significant and, at the same time, highly rewarding. This is because each individual's work is directly linked to the company's growth and results, and also because we can have an impact on society through the company. The expansion and change of each individual's area of work is flexible, and everyone is not confined to their assigned role. Our members come from all over the country, from new graduates in their 20s to veteran engineers in their 80s, and from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, agriculture, economics and law. They are all determined to solve society's problems themselves and have a genuine desire to do so. I am convinced that it is this kind of organisation that can create the 'machines of the future' that do not yet exist in our society.

Why don't you join us in solving society's problems through exciting work?