Type 4 | For Single axis trackers

Type 4 | For Single axis trackers

Tracking Solar Arrays are solar power generation systems that move throughout the day, automatically adjusting the angle of the panels to follow the path of the sun. The amount of power that they can generate is significantly more than traditional fixed angle systems, so they are becoming increasingly widespread across the world.
The shortcoming of these systems is that the panels are easily deformed, and so cannot be cleaned in the same way as traditional fixed panel arrays, without the risk of breaking them. The question has been, therefore, how to clean these systems safely without causing any damage. This is why we developed our Type 4.

Product Specification

Single Axis Trackers

We employ a special design to ensure that any weight is minimised and well distributed across the panels, preventing them from bending, and ensuring that the cleaning is carried out without any damage to the panels.

Certified by Panel Manufacturers

We have successfully proven that even 30 years of usage causes no micro cracks to the panels, and the results of these stringent tests have been certified by panel manufacturers themselves.

No initial installation costs

Unlike permanently installed cleaning systems, the robots do not require any installation work to be carried out. This reduces initial implementation costs and makes implementation extremely simple.

Specialised for desert environments

The robots utilise a dry-brush cleaning system. They do not use any water which is a precious resource in arid areas.